Over the last couple of years in the UK the keen paramotor folk are taking the weight off those knees and adding wheels. But paratrikes are nothing new in the UK. Indeed at one time the UK were doing all the ground breaking work. If you don't believe it?, then read the pdf below and compare it with what wiki says about powered parachutes.  

Many names for the same thing!

Powered Parachute, Pararatrike, Paramotor Trike, 

Paraplane, Motorised Parachute, all have been used to described this type of aircraft. We don't mind how you describe it, just come and have a go and then see what you think. Maybe you can make new name up.   

Paratrikes is what we started to call them in the UK a few years ago after an article published in the BMAA mag by David Bremner.

People from a Paramotor or paraglider started to refer to them as Paramotor Trike in about 2013. 

Very rarely you might also hear them referred to as a Paraplane. Although, this term is technically not as precise as the others. But lets not open that debate up.

Powered Parachute is how the CAA describe this aircraft type in CAP 804 and BCAR section S. Its also the way the FAA describe them in America. So this perhaps the oldest description of this type of trike. 

Aerochute is often used in Australia and New Zealand and sometimes South Africa and more recently in Malaysia. This is probably a product of this brand being very popular in these countries. Again not technically accurate, but like Hoover is used in of Vacuum Cleaner, because it is less of a mouth full.


If you are aware of UK Powered parachute Paratrike history then let me know and I'll add more to this page. It is less of a mouth full than Powered Parachute.